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  1. Hello Fr. Leonard
    I know you might not read this message, I understand your very busy. I want to thank you for your homly on Thursday June 17,2021 on EWTN mass. I am one of many catholic viewer I really took a lot from your words. I also know the other priest in the picture of you and your dad. I am the female singer of the mariachi group, that use to play at church in Hazard on New Years Day. That’s where I remember the other priest before he took his vows. Very sorry to hear of your lost. How ever you and I know that our love ones are in a better place. I only ask Heaven Father that I may be worthy of one day seeming my parents and husband again. God bless you thank you for choosing Priesthood God bless 🙏🏼

  2. So sorry for you loss as was announced on EWTN while I was watching the Mass I lost my son a year ago 48 years old and can’t absorb all this everyday not one day goes by that I think oh him. Father I love your sermons so enlightening and also when you leave the mass you wave at the officer so so nice Thank You and God Bless you always

  3. Also, Father Leonard Mary, our belated condolences regarding the passing of your dad. We faithfully attempt to follow the daily Mass on EWTN where you celebrated it. We enjoy your lively and heartfelt homilies and your faithful salute to the guard honoring veterans and law enforcement. However, we’ve noticed your absence instead. Are you okay? Sincerely, your fans in Christ snd Saint Francis, Ron and Rosie Martinez, Pueblo, Colorado

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