Lord Jesus Christ,
It was you who said
Ask and you will receive
Seek and you will find
Knock and the door will be opened.
Behold I stand before the door
Give me insight
Into the plan you have
For my life.
I desire to serve you
And others
With an undivided heart.
Where am I to go?

Mary, my Mother
You who said
“Do whatever he tells you”
Help me to follow
In the footsteps of
Your Son.
Intercede for me
That I may give
My life totally to Jesus
Wherever He
Leads me.

Good Shepherd
I desire to be a laborer
In your vineyard.
Give me a heart
To help bring the
Fallen and stray
Sheep back into
The fold.
May my whole
Life be spent
Laboring simply
To bring one
Sheep back into your fold.

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